xd4.me is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the converging area of design and management science called Experience Design1

The ever increasing amount of information available to consumers and companies about products and services has driven many to a situation where they differentiate themselves on a single dimension, price.  Unfortunately, these companies have come to realize they now have the unfortunate distinction of producing commodities.  Conversely, other companies have driven to differentiate themselves by creating an “experience” for their customers.

The end goal at xd4.me is to help companies and people create a living and working environment for all their constituents filled with delighting experiences. This is based on the firm belief that by surrounding our lives with differentiating experienes we can not only regain some of the joy of our youth but can also deliver significant economic return for those who create them.

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  1. Often also commonly referred to as Customer Experience, Customer Impact, User Experience, Interaction Design, etc.

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