About xd

Experience Design is the sum of an individual’s interactions with a company, its products and services, and the resulting perceptions about the brand.

Passionate customers are the most loyal and profitable a company can have, but creating environments where passionate customer relationships flourish is no easy matter. The cornerstone of an Experience Design framework I developed at Diamond1 is an “outside-in” approach that garners deep insight into all the factors that influence the customer experience.  That knowledge is tested and the risks are managed by conducting powerful experiments to challenge findings.

Once the best opportunities are identified, understanding operational economics and executing are key.  The best customer experience strategy is not worth the paper it is written on unless you respect the capabilities of your client, time, efficacy and efficiency considerations.  That could mean helping an insurer use technology to quickly customize products and services.  Creating a truly differentiated experience for a bank’s high-net-worth clients.  Building the right mix of offline and online customer touch points for a consumer products company.  Promoting customer feedback about medical devices through social media.  Or turning business-to-business customer-service operations from a cost center into a revenue generator.

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