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Preventative Medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mission: Dramatically alter the behavior of chronically ill diabetes patients with limited hospital / clinic access.
Strategy: Remotely deploy a combination glucometer smart phone solution and increase access to rich media learning tools.
Outcome: $500M+ reduction in hospital bed days over 6 years in one large metropolitan area.

Airline Customer Community
Mission: Better connect a community of common interest travelers to the entire toolbox of solutions needed to realize their plans.
Strategy: Develop a one-stop-shop solution that puts travel solution providers in just the right position within the traveler’s clickstream.
Outcome: Immediate 5% bump in e-commerce cross/up-sells and a 4x increase in “on-property” community population.

Convergent Products/Services Self Service
Mission: Convergent areas of consumer electronics create “grey areas” of responsibility where non one offers support. Rather than run away from these areas, embrace them as new opportunity.
Strategy: In return for more detail, customers are given increased solution access thus lending more definition to non-discrete problems.
Outcome: Reduced AHT (average handle time) and wait times in call center support. Significantly increased uptake and efficacy of web based self service solutions.

Digital Services Re-branding
Mission: Change the “training wheels” perception of an early internet solutions provider to align with rapidly maturing online behaviors.
Strategy: Conduct an in-depth behavioral economics study resulting in a new brand position, messaging and supporting visual system.
Outcome: A brand re-design that synchronized over 1000 touch points to deliver a common message of safety, innovation and community.

Virtual Product Design and Prototyping
Mission: Virtually connect a network of contract manufacturers and doctors to design, prototype, learn and deliver with shorter cycle times.
Strategy: Help surgeons with ideas for new medical devices deliver solutions to patient environments with an online workflow and virtual prototyping toolset.
Outcome: Reduced time to market for new critical medical devices to 1/3 the previous cycle time. Enlarged community of designer doctors by 4x.

Place/Space Convergence for Mall Retailers
Mission: Stem the loss of customers of one of the world’s largest mall owners to online retailers.
Strategy: Use mobile devices to weave the convenience of online into the fabric of bricks and mortar retail.
Outcome: Reversal of customer loss trends, increased sales/square foot and availability of far more detailed customer information.

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