When Space Runs Out, Turn to Place!

by Paul D'Alessandro on December 6, 2009

While some might be surprised by the news over the weekend that Amazon is looking for property on High Street in London, I do not find it shocking at all.  The logic behind this move is simple, companies today are looking for the right place-space convergence mix and Amazon discovered it has to build up the former side of the equation.  By-the-way, this is not the first foray by Amazon into “place” as the Kindle is undoubtedly a product that clearly moves them into the “place” domain as well.

twoddlerBefore long I think we will see a move by more and more “pure internet” companies make a move into the “place domain”.  There are at least two reasons for this.  One, brand awareness as driven by the Internet cannot reach all the potential consumers.  Two, consumers have an explicit need to test drive products with their senses.  How long will it take before we start seeing the Twoddler at your local Toysrus!

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